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3 steps to take when a spouse files for divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Divorce

Those in struggling marriages often hope that they can work through their issues given enough time. Someone hoping to make their marriage work may feel disappointed, anxious and possibly a bit betrayed when their spouse serves them with paperwork for a pending divorce. They may also worry about the impact that divorce could have on their finances and their future.

Some people become so emotional about the imminent divorce they face that they fail to take the right steps for their own protection. Those feeling concerned in the wake of receiving notice of a spouse’s intention to divorce may want to take the three steps below to better protect themselves.

Respond in a timely manner

The emotional devastation of an unexpected divorce filing can push someone into depression or a brief period of social isolation. Many people require time to process the idea that their marriage could soon end, but the divorce process does not offer much leeway. If the non-filing spouse fails to respond formally in writing through the courts, the spouse who files could request a divorce by default in which they have control over most of the terms.

Learn about California law

Proposing a reasonable property division settlement or child custody arrangement requires that someone first learn about how California typically handles such matters in litigated divorces. From learning about the nuance of child custody matters and the best interests standard that guides judicial decisions about parenting time to making sense of community property statutes, people need to understand what happens during divorce if they aspire to fight for the best possible outcome.

Gather financial records quickly

Divorce provides numerous opportunities for one spouse to trick or manipulate the other. It is there for crucial that someone gain access to financial records as soon as possible and create a comprehensive inventory of marital assets. The more information someone has about their marital financial circumstances, the easier it may be for them to push for a fair outcome to divorce negotiations.

Learning more about the California family law system may help people better prepare for the challenges that may arise after a spouse announces that they want to seek a divorce. Seeking personalized legal guidance is a great way to get started.