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Saving Time and Money When Getting a Divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2019 | Divorce

What are the best strategies for saving time and money when getting a divorce?  Here are some ideas to help make your divorce process more cost-efficient:

Before you meet with an attorney you should spell out your goals and your concerns in writing.  Any questions which come to mind concerning the divorce should be written before you meet with the attorney for the first time.  This will help to concentrate your focus and help you to achieve your goals. This is a helpful way to assure all your concerns are addressed when you meet with the attorney.

For example, if one of your goals is to have a certain parenting plan regarding your children you should spell out your ideal parenting plan with respect to each child. Be conscious of the child’s school and extracurricular schedule, your work schedule and the other parent’s work schedule.

Another tip for saving time and money when getting a divorce is to provide a brief chronology of important events which occurred during the marriage. These events include not only the birth of children but also dates and particulars concerning the purchase of real estate, refinance of real estate, starting a business, receipt of inheritances, disabilities, accumulating pensions or retirement accounts.

A dissolution of marriage process concerns a variety of issues. Those issues include terminating the marital status (going from married to single); child custody / parenting time and support, the duration and amount of spousal support (if any) property characterization, valuation and division or distribution (home, autos, business interests, deposit accounts, investments, etc.).  All of these issues must be totally resolved before a divorce can be completed.

The primary thing to keep in mind regarding saving time and money when getting a divorce is this: the cost and time associated with a Carlsbad divorce is directly associated with the ability of the spouses to work through all of the above issues and ultimately reach agreement.

There are also a variety of other issues concerning the timing of the process, experts, accountants, appraisers, the court process itself and the fees and cost associated with the process.  To keep your fees reasonable consider giving as much advance assistance to the professionals as you are comfortable and able.  For example, if you arrive at the attorney’s office with your basic information already prepared, it saves the time, energy and cost of an attorney or paralegal to prepare the information.  It also facilitates the attorney’s review of your circumstances so important information can be shared with your specific circumstances in mind.