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An Experienced Carlsbad Divorce Attorney For Business Owners

If you are facing a divorce with business or professional practice ownership or where any other business is part of the equation, your need for experienced legal counsel is clear. At Burke & Domercq, APC, our dedicated certified family law specialist has represented numerous doctors, lawyers, business owners and their spouses, and we will be rigorous in evaluating your case and advocating for your interests.

Is your business interest considered to be “separate property” or is it going to be divided as a community asset? There are crucial issues concerning valuation and offsetting a business interest with other community property within the settlement agreement. We have many years of experience in these matters.

Balancing Financial And Personal Objectives To Reach Favorable Outcomes

There are many challenges in a divorce with business or professional practice ownership associated with protecting the viability of a business while satisfying legal requirements and accounting for the parties’ opposing claims and desires. Our Carlsbad, California, based business owner divorce lawyers have in-depth familiarity with the critical issues in such cases, including:

  • Identifying the business valuation date and valuation method appropriate to the unique case and most beneficial to our clients’ position
  • Addressing various concerns that may arise in property characterization, as when one spouse started the business prior to the marriage but that business has appreciated substantially in value
  • Resolving issues that arise over energies and efforts devoted to the business by each party
  • Avoiding untenable scenarios such as the spouse who keeps the business forgoing other assets and taking on obligations that may ultimately prevent him or her from sustaining that business

Turn To A Proven Carlsbad Divorce Lawyer

Our attorneys have the financial savvy and legal experience needed to provide you with highly qualified counsel and practical advice. Having practiced in San Diego County for many years, we also have a well-established network of experts in other fields we can call upon for specific expertise.

We are dedicated to helping our clients make sound, fully informed decisions about business interests and emerge from divorce in the best possible financial shape. If you have questions about divorce with business or professional practice ownership and the range of legal options you may have, we encourage you to contact our firm or call 760-389-3927 to schedule a consultation.