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What is Needed to Modify Child Support in North County San Diego?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Child Support

What elements are needed to modify child support in North County San Diego?  Our Family Law Courts will not simply accept every case or hear every request for modification of child support.  Child support orders are contained within the “Settlement Agreement” of your divorce paperwork.  In many cases, the specific verbiage in the agreement establishes the “Status Quo” for both parties.  The Status Quo is the central issue for anyone seeking a modification of child support.

What was the income of the parties at the time of the divorce?  What were the age(s) and activities of the children at the time of the divorce?  Where were the parents living and the children residing at the time the divorce was completed?  These facts and other elements form the basis of the “Status Quo” from a legal perspective.  What the Court wants to know is “What has changed?”

There are many factors which are needed to modify child support in North County San Diego.  Has the income of one or both of the parties substantially changed by more than 10%?  Have minority aged children reached adulthood, and was this eventuality addressed in the original child custody and parenting time orders?  Has either of the parents relocated, or is there a substantial change in the amount of time a child is spending with each parent?

It may not be as simple as a job change or loss of income.  The experienced child support and family law attorneys at Burke & Domercq work with our clients to review present circumstances and the Status Quo at the time of your divorce.  We review the specific orders of the Court contained within your divorce paperwork and provide counsel as to the likelihood of success in your modification request.

The one constant of life is change.  We work to protect our client’s interests and represent them in cases that will affect a modification of child support orders.  We provide the benefit of extensive experience and expertise in these matters, as well as a knowledge of local practices.  Based upon all of these factors we can provide sound counsel regarding your questions regarding a modification of child support.