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Reducing Emotion Increases the Likelihood of a Successful Divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Divorce

Reducing emotion increases the likelihood of a successful divorce.  It also makes the process faster and results in a more cost-effective divorce.  “How can I reduce emotion, it’s a divorce for goodness sake?”

It may seem counter-intuitive but it is often necessary to negotiate the resolution of a disagreement with your former spouse.  If the two of you and your attorneys are not able to negotiate a resolution you may opt for mediation.  If mediation is not able to resolve the matter you must present arguments to the Judge who will decide the matter.  Areas of dispute are by the nature of a divorce emotionally charged.  Yet emotional decisions do not usually yield productive outcomes.

If reducing emotion increases the likelihood of a successful divorce what strategies should you consider to do so?

Know the details.  The attorneys at Burke & Domercq work closely with our clients to make sure they understand every aspect of the issue at hand.  It is exponentially more difficult to manage emotions when you are surprised or caught off guard.  Read all documents and ask our attorneys about anything you don’t understand.

Know how to behave in Court.  How you comport yourself before the judge (as well as in all written documents, texts, emails and conversations which may be submitted as evidence) has a significant impact on the outcome in your case.  Our attorneys prepare  you for mediation or Court including how to dress, how to respond to questions and how to address the presider.

Take care of yourself.  Self care helps to relieve stress and the emotions which build up along the way.  Reducing emotion increases the likelihood of a successful divorce by helping to you to keep a level, calm mind in order to make sound decisions.

Know the risk of each environment and issue at hand.  You will have a lot more influence and control over the outcome in negotiations and mediation.  Once your matter arrives before the Judge you have far less control over the outcome.  Our attorneys will help you to understand the risks along the way and help you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each potential decision.

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