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Mediation As An Alternative Method Of Dispute Resolution

A couple facing divorce has multiple options for resolving things. The parties can submit the issues to a judge for a decision which is known as litigation. Litigation is an option that regularly calls for both parties to comply with the laws surrounding the situation, which can cost both sides more time and money than necessary. Litigation happens in a public courtroom and the entire process is open to the public. Therefore, an ever increasingly popular alternative that parties are looking to settle things in private.

The Process Of Mediation

We work with a trained mediator and privately discuss the issues of the case. The job of the mediator is to act as a neutral third party who oversees the discussions between spouses and keeps things moving forward in a civil manner. This process is meant to help couples settle things in a swift and efficient manner compared to litigation. In California the mediation process is confidential.

The Role Of The Mediator

An experienced and successful mediator is patient, neutral and attentive to what both sides have to say. The parties control the outcome. The mediator helps the discussion along and aids the parties in their discussion to come to viable solutions that both sides can agree to. Their job is to develop an environment that can lead to open and productive communication that allows both parties to express their views in a manner that makes sure everyone is heard and acknowledged. They develop opportunities for everyone to consider all reasonable options for them to come to a strong and reliable decision in their divorce. Because mediation is both private and cost-effective, it also creates a calm and more pleasant environment for both spouses. Mediation allows both sides to get closure and move forward into the next chapter of their lives.

How Our Practice Works

Our team members have been practicing family law and mediating family law issues with success for many years. With extensive experience, he has the ability to help spouses come to a favorable outcome that benefits everyone while helping them move forward. Determining agreements for child support, asset division, business ownership, and child custody and parenting time issues that everyone can agree to is the goal sought and usually achieved.

Our Experience And Approach

We have assisted parties in resolving divorce cases with nominal assets as well as parties with tens of millions of dollars of assets. We have assisted parents in arriving at parenting plans serving their children’s best interests and avoiding the stress and anxiety associated with child custody litigation. Because our lawyers have litigation experience, they understand the value of finding appropriate resolution without the costs, delays and difficulties of formal litigation.

We believe in full disclosure and informed and balanced compromise. We guide the participants toward resolution consistent with their needs, goals and the relevant legal concepts and principles. A successful resolution is usually a compromise solution where the parties are equally dissatisfied with the result. Experience teaches that due to the division of limited assets and income in a divorce proceeding, rarely is either party elated with the result.


An hourly rate is charged and paid at the end of each session for the time actually expended.

Contact An Experienced Mediator

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