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Divorces Are More Common in Older Couples

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2019 | Divorce

Many people are surprised to learn divorces are more common in older couples than those in their 20s and 30s these days.  California couples who are considering a divorce may be more likely to do so after the age of 40 than at any other age.  This is based on examining census data from 1960 and 1980 and on data from the most recent Minnesota Population Center’s Integrated Public Microdata Sample Project.

A look at the data showed the number of older couples who divorced jumped significantly compared to 1980 and 1960. In contrast, people under the age of 30 were less likely to be divorced, separated or on second or later marriages than they were in 1980 and 1960.

The age at which the largest number of people reported being divorced, separated or in later marriages was 59.  The percentage of respondents who were in their second or subsequent marriages, 42 percent, was almost the same as the 43 percent who reported being on their first marriage.   In contrast, divorced people accounted for only about 12 percent of 30-year-olds.  One reason for the change in younger people might be that they are getting married later in life.  This has contributed to trend that divorces are more common in older couples recently.

Whatever the age, divorce can take a financial and emotional toll, and people facing it may want to speak to an attorney to discuss their situation.  People who are considering divorce may even want to consult on of our Certified Family Law Specialists before discussing it with a spouse in order to get an idea of what kind of financial documentation they will need and what they might expect.   Division of retirement and spousal support are likely to  be primary issues.

California is a community property state, but there are often questions as to what counts as marital property verses the separate property of one of the spouses.  For example, an inheritance received by one person who kept the money in their own account might not be considered shared property.   Prenuptial agreements and complications like shared businesses may also result in more complex divorces.

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