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The Value of an Experienced Carlsbad Divorce Lawyer and Certified Specialist

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2019 | Divorce

What is the value of having an experienced Carlsbad divorce lawyer and Certified Specialist on your side?  Why should you have an attorney at all?  Can’t you file a divorce on your own in California?

The answer is yes, and in fact over 80% of Californians attempt to do just that.  Our local family law courts will also tell you that more than half of these fail to complete their divorce without an attorney, and self-represented or DIY divorces will take longer than a year to complete.

An experienced Carlsbad divorce lawyer and Certified Specialist at Burke & Domercq will bring value to the equation in many ways.

Do you value your time?  Do you have days and days to take off of work, go to the Court at 5 or 6 in the morning to get in line to see the “free” advice group on a first-come first-served basis?  Do you have more than a year to complete your divorce and get through this emotional process and move forward with your life?

Our attorneys understand you don’t want a lawyer to inflame the arguments between the two of you increasing the cost and time associated with your divorce.  It is our experience that allows us to suggest alternatives to help our clients resolve areas of dispute or disagreement and find solutions so that they can accomplish their divorce in a shorter period of time.

Couples who reach agreement through negotiation or mediation are much more likely to abide by these agreements once the divorce is completed. This reduces the emotional and financial cost during the course of your divorce, and reduces the likelihood and expense of litigation after the divorce is completed.  This is especially important for those who will share parenting time and child custody. The skills learned during negotiation and mediation reduce the emotional cost during the divorce itself, and make life much more productive and cooperative after the divorce is completed.

We save you the missed work and wasted time of going to the free help clinic and waiting in Court for hours only to find out your paperwork isn’t right and there are still issues that must be resolved in order to complete your divorce.

How can an experienced Carlsbad divorce lawyer and Certified Specialist at Burke & Domercq save you money?  As we recommend solutions and negotiate or mediate on your behalf we eliminate the need for expensive litigation.  We help to resolve differences, find common ground and find a solution which accomplishes our client’s goals and objectives.  We have experienced paralegals who prepare documents cost-effectively while having our attorneys review them to ensure accuracy and enforceability.

If you are seeking an experienced Carlsbad divorce lawyer and Certified Specialist who understands the value of helping you to complete your divorce promptly and in a cost-effective manner we invite you to contact us or call 760-389-3927 to learn more and schedule an appointment.