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Managing Your Emotions in a North County or Carlsbad Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2019 | Divorce

Why is managing your emotions in a North County or Carlsbad divorce so important?  No one expects a divorce to be unemotional, and there will be times where you must work through a variety of emotions as you tackle challenging issues such as child custody and parenting time, spousal support, the division of community property as well as the adjustment to life as a single parent.

The experienced Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke & Domercq understand this.  We are “Attorneys and Counselors at Law.”  The “Counselor” part of our title applies to this discussion. Managing your emotions during in a North County or Carlsbad divorce will save you money, time and help you to achieve a better outcome in your case.   It will also make life more bearable for you and your children.

Emotional decisions are almost always poor decisions.  We work with clients to set aside emotion to focus upon their primary goals and objectives.  We can provide a valuable buffer between the other party and our client while helping to ensure neutral communications when appropriate.

We encourage our clients to imagine that every text, every email, every social media post will be shown to the court and the world on the screen in the court room.  How you conduct yourself can make an impression on the judge in your case.  Judges are looking for reasonable people who are able to work effectively with the other party, especially when co-parenting or child custody is the subject under discussion.

Removing as much emotion as possible from negotiations or mediation ensures that sound agreements are reached.  Multiple studies have repeatedly shown that parties who participate in resolving issues within their divorce are much more likely to abide by those agreements after the process is completed.  Managing your emotions during in a North County or Carlsbad divorce not only makes the process much easier to manage and get through, it makes your life much less complicated once the divorce is complete and eliminates potentially time consuming and expensive post-decree litigation.

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