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Standing Up to False Accusations of Child Abuse During a Divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2020 | Domestic Violence

Standing up to false accusations of child abuse during a divorce protects not only your relationship with your children, but your future employment and quality of life as well.  It is important to note Burke & Domercq, APC is committed to the safety and protection of all, and domestic violence is a serious issue.  Unfortunately, we have seen multiple cases where one of the parties needed legal assistance to stand up to false accusations of child abuse during divorce proceedings.

There are multiple reasons why one spouse would falsely accuse the other of child abuse during a divorce.  The purpose is to affect child custody and parenting time orders.  This may be due to anger over events between the couple such as infidelity or the accuser may simply face mental health or anger management issues.

It is quite easy to obtain an Emergency Protective Order in Carlsbad through false accusations of child abuse.  If you have been served with a temporary restraining order and you are in the midst of a divorce you need to contact Burke & Domercq, APC immediately or call 760-389-3927 to schedule an immediate appointment with one of our attorneys.  Standing up to false accusations of child abuse during a divorce can protect your rights as a parent and will make a substantial difference in child custody and parenting time.  Time is precious in these cases.

The first thing to understand is the orders within the restraining order itself. “No contact” means exactly that. Do not contact the other party in any format including but not limited to:

    • phone call
    • text
    • email
    • social media or instant messenger
    • contact through friends, family or other intermediaries
    • US Mail

Violation of these orders can harm your case and affect not only the outcome at the permanent restraining order hearing (within 21 days) but also in child custody and parenting time and child support orders in your divorce case.

Burke & Domercq, APC will aggressively defend those who falsely accused of child abuse or domestic violence during a North County or Carlsbad divorce.  The formal hearing will happen in a matter of a few weeks, and we will staunchly defend you at the hearing.  This hearing is to determine if a permanent protection order will be issued.

Those with permanent restraining orders face stiff challenges down the road.  Many employers will not consider someone with a protective order against them due to the risk of violence.  Local police will treat you as a dangerous threat at the simplest of traffic stops.  It is important to work with the attorneys at Burke & Domercq, APC to defend your honor and reputation and stand up to false accusations of child abuse during divorce.