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Will a Personality Disorder Affect a North County Divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Divorce

Will a personality disorder affect a North County divorce case?  Personality disorders are often a central issue in a troubled marriage. Issues such as narcissism, compulsive behaviors, obsessions or even a withdrawal from society can make sharing a marriage and the raising of children too much to bear.

What is the impact of personality disorders on a North County or Carlsbad divorce and associated central issues such as child custody? Generally speaking, California is a “no fault” divorce state and as such there are no “grounds” required for the divorce.  However, personality disorders can make the process of the divorce much more challenging, time consuming, expensive and emotionally burdensome.

Will your spouse with a personality disorder affect a North County divorce action?  The attorneys at Burke & Domercq, APC have extensive experience managing divorce cases involving difficult opposing parties and personality disorders. We are able to buffer our clients from many of the interactions and behaviors which would cause additional pain or harm.  When concerns of safety or domestic violence arise, a restraining order may be needed for the protection of all involved.

We help to structure effective negotiations with the other party and their representatives. When necessary, mediation may provide the type of non-confrontational controlled environment to facilitate conversations and seek resolutions to areas of disagreement.

How will a personality disorder affect a North County divorce in matters of child custody and parenting time?  The Court is primarily concerned with the best interests of each child. Several recent studies have documented the impact of personality disputes on children. Parties with personality disorders will often use lies, manipulations and abuse of the children in order to win at almost any cost.

Our experienced Certified Family Law Specialists stand up to issues such as personality disorders and work to help complete your divorce in a timely, cost-effective manner while protecting you and accomplishing your goals and objectives for the process. We help to protect you from the abuse, manipulation and deception which you have faced alone to this point.

Are you considering a divorce and wondering “will a personality disorder affect a North County divorce?”  We invite you to review the comments and recommendations of our clients as well as the legal industry and contact Burke & Domercq or call 760-389-3927 to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.