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Managing Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in Carlsbad

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Domestic Violence

Managing domestic violence restraining orders in Carlsbad or anywhere in North County can have a significant affect on child custody and other aspects of your divorce. The experienced domestic violence and divorce attorneys at Burke & Domercq have each represented clients in restraining order cases before North County Family Court for decades. How will this impact your life and your divorce?

Our firm brings a balanced and informed approach to obtaining or defending a domestic violence restraining order. When genuine cases of domestic violence or abuse occur it is important to immediately protect the spouse and any children in the household.

Fortunately it is relatively straight-forward to obtain an emergency protective order in these cases. Our law enforcement and Courts take quick action to put a stop to violence and threatening behavior and put needed difference between the parties. Unfortunately, this same process is often abused by those who would seek to gain an advantage in the process of a divorce.

If you have been served with protective orders it is important to clearly understand the implications of a restraining order and how to protect your rights. If they become permanent, a restraining order can not only affect issues such as your ability to have custody and parenting time with the children, it will affect future employment opportunities and your ability to own a firearm as well as other rights. Officers at a normal traffic stop will treat you as a dangerous threat, escalating every interaction with local police and the California Highway Patrol.

You have rights. It is important to understand the nature of the temporary orders. “No contact” means exactly that: no contact in any form. No phone calls, texts, emails, social media contact, letters, notes, conversations through friends and families or the children. No contact whatsoever.

Managing domestic violence restraining orders is important in any divorce.  It is important to know a temporary restraining order does not have to become permanent. Our experienced attorneys help you to mount a defense, especially when circumstances have been blown out of proportion or outright fabricated in order to gain advantage in a divorce.

It is important to act immediately when managing domestic violence restraining orders in Carlsbad. If you are suffering threats or violence or have been served with a restraining order you need to contact us immediately or call 760-389-3927 to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled attorneys.