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The New School Year May Require a New Carlsbad Child Custody and Parenting Time Schedule

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Child Custody and Visitation

The challenges of a new school year may require a new North County or Carlsbad child custody and parenting time schedule.  There is a lot of discussion in the news as districts decide how the new school year will be managed.

As children in California go back to school in one form or another divorced or separated parents may want to take the opportunity to review their child custody and parenting time schedule. Different schedules for summer and the school year may be familiar.  But for some families facing distance learning or partial school attendance last year’s schedule may no longer be a good fit.

As children mature, their need for supervision and ability to handle transitions may change. A child starting kindergarten and those adjusting to social distancing will likely require a different schedule. Children may wish to pursue or continue academic or extracurricular activities which increase their time away from home and create transportation challenges. An agreement providing for a child to have dinner with one parent on a specific day may not be feasible.

School-related changes are not the only things which may affect a child custody schedule. One parent might change jobs or adjust work times resulting in a different schedule. A child or family member may develop an illness which warrants staying in one home for an extended period of time during recovery.

The key to management of child custody schedules during this COVID-19 challenge is for the parents to remain objective. Residual emotional conflict from the divorce or separation should not interfere with ensuring that children are at the appropriate place at the appropriate time with the appropriate supervision. Smartphone apps are available to make the scheduling and communication process easier.

The challenges of a new school year may require a new North County or Carlsbad child custody and parenting time schedule.  Child custody orders are legally binding and may be changed only by the court. A parent who voluntarily gives up time on a continuing basis to accommodate schedule changes runs the risk of the other parent going to court to try to have the change made permanent. There may also be ramifications from a child support perspective.

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