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How is a Family Owned Business Divided in a San Diego Divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Professional Practice & Business Ownership

How is a family owned business divided in a San Diego divorce in Carlsbad?  If the business was in the family and the spouse owned their position in the company prior to the marriage it may be at least partially considered to be separate property.  There will be a lot of questions regarding the use of marital funds to support the business and/or work done by the non-ownership spouse on behalf of the company which was not paid at market rate.

What happens if the business was purchased during the course of the marriage, and the spouses are equal partners and both work in the business.

The first step is to establish the valuation of the business itself.   The community property interest of each spouse in the business would be half of the ultimate valuation of the business.  This would present four basic options:

1. Sell the business and divide the proceeds equally
2. Continue to work together as professionals, and keep the business
3. One spouse buys the other out of the business. This is usually accomplished out of the acquiring spouse’s own share of the community property and perhaps a note for any remaining balance secured by the business.
4. Both spouses keep their ownership share, but one is replaced by another employee.

When the family business involves members of your extended family, the basic process is to establish the valuation of the business and the value of each spouse’s share as part of the division of community property.  In these cases the spouse who is “in the family” usually buys out the community property interest of the other spouse.

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