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Evolution of Parenting Plans in a San Diego Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Child Custody and Visitation

What are the evolution of parenting plans in a San Diego divorce?  How will child custody and parenting plan issues affect your divorce in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Encinitas or North County?

Originally, parenting plans usually established one parent with primary custody authority, while the other parent received specific visitation rights.  Over the past several years many states are evolving their laws and practices surrounding parenting plans to promote a more balanced division of time between each parent based ultimately upon the best interests of the child or children in each unique case.

Lawmakers and advocates of these types of cases draw on a growing body of evidence that shared parenting is the best situation for minor children who are affected by divorce. Many studies have concluded the emotional health of a child is greatly enhanced when they are able to have regular quality time with each parent.  It is becoming increasingly more common for parents to work together to come to agreements on core issues surrounding their children including education, religious upbringing, extra-curricular activities and other issues.

While shared parenting is not yet a law in California the evolution of parenting plans in a San Diego divorce makes this the preferred practice of most courts across throughout the region and across our state. Of course, in cases with a history of domestic violence or abuse, neglect or other dangerous issues the Court is much more likely to award primary custody to one parent and carefully manage visitation with the other.

The evolution of parenting plans in a San Diego divorce has allowed parents who are willing to work together on an agreement to establish a post-decree lifestyle which is beneficial and satisfactory to all parties.  The experienced child custody and parenting plan attorneys at Burke & Domercq provide sound counsel to help our clients to accomplish their goals in all aspects of their divorce case.

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