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Is it Possible to Reduce the Emotional Burden of Your San Diego Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Divorce

Would it surprise you to know our Certified Family Law Specialists can help you to reduce the emotional burden of your San Diego divorce?  What are some of the ingredients of not only surviving but managing the divorce process in way which protects your overall physical and emotional health?

We understand the process of getting to the decision to end a marriage is usually a rocky path.  After all the disagreements, verbal jousting and painful experiences you know it’s time to move forward with a divorce.  After decades of experience in North County and San Diego divorce cases our experienced team provides insight into the divorce process for our clients which not only helps to achieve their goals, but makes the process, time and even expense easier and lighter.

Start by considering what is most important to you.  Forget the petty division of small possessions and take some time to think about what matters most to you and the objectives you most wish to accomplish.  One of the most challenging aspects of many divorces involve child custody and parenting time issues.  While you and your former spouse may not agree on a lot of things it should be possible to find common ground regarding your children and the experience they are about to process.

The basis of child custody and parenting time in California law is “the best interest of the child.”  Asking questions such as “what can we do to make this easier on our child(ren)?” and “how can we preserve as much of their existing life patterns?” will get and keep things going in the right direction.

You can absolutely reduce the emotional burden of your San Diego divorce by making the conscious decision now to short-circuit volatility which is the source of a lot of the pain in a divorce.  When any moment or communication begins to heat up you might consider taking a break until you are prepared to respond from a calmer, clearer perspective.

The Judge will be carefully observing the behavior of each of you, especially from the perspective of co-parenting.  However, this also applies to marriages without children where the greatest areas of challenge may include a business interest or substantial assets. Your credibility with the Court in all matters will be affected by the way with which you handle yourself in public and in “private” communications.

It is also important to understand the necessity of give-and-take to help reduce the emotional burden of your San Diego divorce.  In the end, if you and your former spouse cannot come to agreement on a given issue the Court will impose a result.  These decisions are quite rarely an outright “win” or “loss.”  The Judge is looking for a fair resolution under the law which usually leaves both parties feeling like they’ve “lost” as much or more than what they’ve “won.”

One of the best secrets of divorce we can share with our client’s is this:

The cost of your divorce (both in terms of money and emotional burden) as well as the time it takes to complete are absolutely associated with the amount of disagreement between you and your ability to reach a resolution.

There are times where matters of principle require litigation before the Court.  In most instances, the best emotional, financial and practical resolution lies in working to identify alternative ideas to resolve the challenge at hand.  Mediation is a cost-effective and timely strategy which can resolve part or all of any dispute in a productive manner.

Many substantial studies have shown those who reach agreement in mediation are not only happier with the overall outcome, they are more likely to abide with those agreements in the future.  This helps to prevent future time-consuming and expensive post-decree litigation.  Mediation is also a confidential and private venue.  Unlike the public record associated with your divorce, mediation protects your personal, business, financial and family information.

What is one of the best strategies to reduce the emotional burden of your San Diego divorce?  Protect your own interests and well-being and contact us or call 760-389-3927 to schedule an appointment for a remote or socially distanced consultation with one of our experienced Certified Family Law Specialists.