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What is Child Custody Mediation in a San Diego Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2020 | Mediation

What is child custody mediation in a San Diego divorce?  How can mediation help to resolve disagreements about child custody and parenting time?  How is child custody mediation in a San Diego divorce better in the short run and in the long run?

Child custody mediation is an effective option when parties can’t agree upon child custody and parenting time issues in a San Diego divorce.  The parties (and their counsel) select an independent, experienced third party known as the mediator.  The mediator has two primary responsibilities:

  • Establish a safe, yet productive environment which fosters effective communications between the parties, and
  • Resolve part or all of the dispute(s) at hand

The mediator works between the parties to identify the core issues at hand, and where each party stands at the outset.  An effective child custody mediation should be focused to identify common ground, provide insight and guidance and identify alternative possible solutions.  The mediator should help each party to understand the law as it relates to their case, the realities of each position and successful models based upon genuine research and practical experience.

Child custody mediation is able to help many disputes to be completely resolved in a relatively short period of time.  Each party has an active role in the process and is able to contribute ideas and influence the ultimate outcome.  Mediation is usually much faster and less expensive than resolving the matter in Court.

The participation of the parties in child custody mediation leaves both parties feeling like they’ve achieved a good outcome.  They have “skin in the game.”  Many studies have shown those who have reached agreements in child custody mediation are much more likely to abide by them in the future.  This not only reduces the likelihood of argument or dispute between the parties, it saves a substantial amount of time and money in post-decree litigation.

Mediation is also a private, confidential and flexible tool.  Every discussion and all evidence is protected by the mediation process and kept out of the public record.  What happens in mediation stays in mediation!

You probably don’t want your private business in the public record for nosey neighbors, co-workers, family, friends or even your children to be able to access and read.

Child custody mediation reduces the financial and emotional cost of a divorce.  It saves time and money and moves the parties closer to the completion of the process.  It reduces the likelihood of expensive time-consuming disputes in the future.

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