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Holiday Planning for Co-Parents in San Diego

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Child Custody and Visitation

While San Diego remains in the “purple” COVID-19 status holiday planning for co-parents in San Diego continues to present challenges.

You have a parenting plan which was established by the Court.  It is important to remember the holiday scheduling within your parenting plan.  Holiday scheduling takes priority over the “normal” schedule of parenting time.  It is important to begin the process of holiday planning for co-parents in San Diego with a respect for the Court’s orders.

However, in these exceptionally challenging times, a little flexibility can go a long way.  If the two of you can agree upon a schedule which works for you, great!  Make sure to write down any changes you’ve agreed to and have it notarized to protect each of you.

If no agreement can be reached at this point, stick to the existing orders.  Neither parent has the singular right to impose a decision which is different from your existing parenting time orders.

Holiday planning for co-parents in San Diego requires the cooperation of your children.  Once you’ve agreed upon a schedule for the coming two weeks post it on the fridge or in a place where the kids can easily see it and reference it.

Think about transitions.  Emotions are high for co-parents during the holidays but we can’t let our children see our own sadness when it is time to share them with the other parent.  Your kids are more aware than you may think and it is in everyone’s best interests to keep the energy positive as they transition.

Visits from out-of-town relatives and friends present a unique challenge.  Have a candid conversation with your co-parent to discuss the appropriateness of contact with those “outside the bubble” and the importance of protecting the kids and each other by continuing masks and social distancing from those who have recently traveled or arrived.

Our final point on holiday planning for co-parents in San Diego is about you: we wish you the happiest of times in this joyful season.  Have a plan for how you will spend time away from your kids and the types of activities which will help to keep your spirits high and your outlook positive.

Be ready to work together with your co-parent to preserve old holiday traditions whenever possible.  This can also be a great opportunity to establish some new ones.

The keys to holiday planning for co-parents in San Diego are flexibility, communications and positivity.  The Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke & Domercq are here to help resolve any issues and we hope you are able to enjoy the next few weeks.  There is light at the end of this tunnel, and joy in these present holiday moments.