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Why Do You Need a Lawyer for a San Diego Divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Divorce

Why do you need a Lawyer for a San Diego divorce?  Divorce is one of the greatest emotional and financial challenges life has to offer.  You will receive “sound legal advice” from friends, family, co-workers and even from your soon-to-be former spouse.  Suggestion #1: Never take legal advice from your soon-to-be former spouse or well-meaning family or friends.

Divorce is not a simple process.  You need a lawyer for a San Diego divorce to ensure you are prepared at all times.  Legal papers must be carefully crafted to provide specific protections while capturing the essence of the agreements between the parties.  Our Family Courts face a backlog of cases due to COVID-19.  Judges have little patience with those who appear before them unprepared and without well crafted documentation, settlements or agreements.  Suggestion #2: Never appear before a Judge unless you are thoroughly prepared or without all appropriate documentation preferably reviewed in advance by our attorneys.

Many of those who file for divorce are surprised to learn that the cost of their divorce and the time it takes to complete are directly associated with the level of disagreement between the parties and their ability to work through them to reach a settlement.  Child custody and parenting time, support and division of retirement and other assets can be quite challenging.  Mediation is a cost-effective, timely and private tool which can help to resolve many areas of disagreement.  You need a lawyer for a San Diego divorce to help protect your objectives and negotiate at every step of the process.

Suggestion #3: you need a lawyer for a San Diego divorce.  Abraham Lincoln said “(he) who represents (himself) has a fool for a client.”  Even attorneys don’t represent themselves in their own divorce cases.  Why?  You need to be able to keep a level head and separate perspective.  Our Certified Family Law Specialists provide sound counsel, legal advice and insight into the challenges you will face and how to resolve them efficiently while protecting your goals.

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