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What Are the Issues Which Will be Addressed in a Divorce Decree

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Divorce

What are the issues which will be addressed in a divorce decree in San Diego?  If you are seeking a divorce in Carlsbad or anywhere in San Diego it is important to understand not only the process of a divorce but the details which must be addressed and completely resolved before the Judge can issue a decree in your case.

The majority of divorce cases initially filed in California are filed by one of the parties themselves.  Many people attempt a divorce without the representation of an attorney in an effort to save money.  Why is it, then, that in the majority of these cases both parties are represented by an attorney when the decree is finally issued?

The fact is a divorce cannot be completed unless and until every issue associated with the divorce is completely resolved and the details are placed into an enforceable agreement which the Judge is willing to sign.  California Family Law requires the terms of the settlement to be reasonable and in terms of community property and debt, equitable.

The issues which will be addressed in a divorce decree include specific, detailed instructions and when necessary accounting of every aspect of matters associated with the marriage including but not limited to:

All disagreement between the parties must be completely resolved before a divorce decree can be granted in your case. The documents which support each portion of the final orders must be meticulously prepared to be clear and enforceable.

The process can be financially, emotionally and legally quite complex.  This issues which will be addressed in a divorce decree are detailed and complex.  The documents associated with a divorce must be properly formatted, thorough and enforceable before they can and will be signed by the Judge in your matter.

This is why the vast majority of spouses require the representation of a proven, skilled and experienced Certified Family Law Specialist like the attorneys at Burke & Domercq in order to complete the process while working to accomplish their own goals and objectives.

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