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The Advantage of Seeking Common Ground in Child Custody and Parenting Time Cases

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Child Custody and Visitation

What is the advantage of seeking common ground in child custody and parenting time cases in San Diego?  Your approach to one of the most crucial aspects of your divorcechild custody and parenting time – will have a tremendous impact on whether or not you achieve your own goals as well as the well being of you and your child(ren) after the divorce is completed.

Any discussion of child custody and parenting time must begin with the predominant legal concern on the issue: the best interest of the child.  The Court is absolutely committed to the best interest of the child.  The Judge will intently monitor the actions, words, communications and behavior of each parent during the course of the divorce.  The manner with which you comport yourself during your divorce case will go a long way to determining the outcome of any questions relating to child custody and parenting time.

The Judge is looking intently at you to evaluate the type of parent and/or co-parent you would be.  You should be aware of this important fact at all time during the course of your divorce.  The advantage of seeking common ground in child custody and parenting time cases in San Diego is that it clearly demonstrates to the Court your intention to do what is in the best interest of your child(ren).

Likewise, you are looking intently at your former spouse.  It is quite easy and natural in a divorce to consider all the failings of former partner and all of the baggage associated with the disagreements and arguments you’ve probably suffered through.  There are times when children must be protected from behaviors such as domestic violence or criminal activity.

You have your own perceptions on how your former spouse has failed as parent during the marriage.  However, in most cases the Court knows it is in the best interest of a child to spend roughly equal quality time with each of their parents. 

The greatest advantage of seeking common ground in child custody and parenting time cases is the impact it has on your children, as well as the quality of life you enjoy after the divorce is completed.  Is it possible to shift your attention from the perceived failures and behavior of your former spouse to their present and future attempts to be a good parent?

There is usually more common ground between potential co-parents than either party realizes at the outset of a divorce.  If each party works to understand the existing rhythms of their child’s lives it can make it much easier to develop a parenting strategy which preserves as much of those patterns into the future.  That is also in your child’s best interests.

Finally, the expense of your divorce is directly related to the amount of disagreement between you and your former spouse.  Approaching each challenge with a mindset of finding common ground will not only reduce the time it takes to complete your divorce and the cost, it will make the emotional burden much easier to bear.

The advantage of seeking common ground in child custody and parenting time cases in San Diego is actually quite profound.  It is what is best for your child(ren).  It will reduce the time, cost and emotional burden of your divorce.  It will increase the likelihood of you achieving your own goals for the divorce.

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