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Child Custody and Parenting Time for a Special Needs Child

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Child Custody and Visitation

We are often asked for legal advice regarding child custody and parenting time for a special needs child.  This blog is not intended to provide legal advice and counsel however we can provide insight for parents who might face decisions regarding divorce and or post decree issues associated with a special need child.

A special needs child presents several challenges for San Diego parents in a divorce or child custody and parenting time cases.  Child custody and parenting time for a special needs child involves substantially more challenges.  One of the first and most important issues is access to your residence and vehicle.  Additional issues focus upon health care and health insurance as well as education and day care.

Cases which involve child custody and parenting time for a special needs child often focus upon a regular schedule.  There are often very specific routines involving medication, nutrition, exercise and care.  In some cases, the child remains in a central location and the parents rotate in and out of the “bird’s nest.”  In other cases full time care may be shared between the parents or one of them may be required to leave their present work or alter their schedule / load to accommodate care for the child.

Child support in these cases is heavily influenced by not only the requirements of the child but the sacrifices each parent makes to meet the needs and care of their son or daughter.  The Court is always interested in the best interests of each child and a special needs child custody and parenting time case must be built upon a complex series of considerations tailored around the child’s specific needs.

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