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What is the Hardest Part About Getting a Divorce in San Diego?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Divorce

What is the hardest part about getting a divorce in San Diego?  We are often asked by our clients what to expect and what we think will be the hardest thing for them to manage during a divorce.  Burke & Domercq has literally provided sound advice and counsel to those seeking a divorce for decades here in San Diego.  The fact is all divorce cases are materially different.  They have different circumstances, incomes, assets, family / child issues, retirement and business ownership complications.  There are a few challenges all have in common.

One of the most common challenges we discuss with our clients and the hardest part about getting a divorce in San Diego is managing the transition from “married” to “single.”  We’re not talking about a “dating” thing here.  This is about the process of letting go of how things have been and preparing to be single again.  A person going through a divorce will move from existing rhythms to establishing new patterns and building a new path forward.

However, that is exactly the point here: FORWARD!  Regardless of your feelings surrounding the end of a marriage our work is to help to protect your interests, goals and objectives and help to position you to move forward.  The hardest part about getting a divorce in San Diego for many of our clients is simply realizing there is a path which leads through the pain and challenges of the present to a new pattern of life.

In all likelihood you are past the most difficult part of the process – the actual decision to divorce.  Once the reality of a divorce becomes evident many clients express feelings of less “weight” on their backs and an improved mindset.  Once one is past the arguments, the discussions and all the mental work of playing out scenarios and balancing the questions at hand a level of peace becomes available.  From there, it’s about developing strategies to move through the process and ultimately the decisions you will be able to make to chart the course forward.  It may not seem like it in the moment, but the hardest part about getting a divorce in San Diego is the feeling of going “backward” or “in circles.”  We understand what you’re going through.  We’re ready to provide sound counsel and advice to get you through this.

The good news is, from the perspective of a lifetime, you’re actually moving forward.

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