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What to Expect When Divorcing a Narcissist in San Diego

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2021 | Divorce

How can you know what to expect when divorcing a narcissist in San Diego?  The Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke & Domercq provide sound advice and counsel in divorces involving personality disorders such as narcissism.

Generally speaking, one of the primary traits of a narcissist is they hate to lose at anything.  The narcissist tends to put up a fight on every issue associated with a San Diego divorce.  This is difficult in any case, but especially when the divorce involves child custody and parenting time issues, ownership of a business or professional practice or other substantial assets.

Another thing to expect when divorcing a narcissist in San Diego is they will attempt to make everything your fault.  The classic narcissist will use everything available to protect their all-important ego including hiding assets, misrepresenting facts, preventing access to important documents and information and speaking falsely about you and the divorce itself to friends, family and even children.

Parental alienation is another common issue in divorces involving a narcissist.  The narcissist usually attempts to turn each child (if possible) against you, poisoning your relationship.  The good news is the Court takes a dim view of parental alienation and ultimately this behavior will work against the narcissist during a divorce.  Constant vigilance and counseling for you and your children should be in place before the divorce if possible.  Protecting your relationship with each child will be a constant challenge during and after a divorce from a narcissist.

The interests of the narcissist come above the needs and desires of everyone else.  Period.

Generally speaking, narcissists are known to be masters of manipulation and charm.  They may seem polished and professional on the outside but these efforts have one focus: to get what they want.  You need strong, proven representation from a San Diego divorce attorney who has a proven track record of managing these difficult cases.

Our Certified Family Law Specialists know what to expect when divorcing a narcissist in San Diego and can help to prepare you for the process and guide you through each step of your divorce.

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