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Should You Consider a Private Judge for your San Diego Divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Divorce

Why should you consider a private judge for your San Diego divorce?  The backlog of cases in our local Family Courts is usually quite heavy, but it is especially so after the recent pandemic.  Waiting for a hearing or trial date can add to the burden of managing your San Diego divorce.

There is also an issue of privacy.  Many of our clients are concerned about the information which will be included in the public record of their divorce.  We have previously noted the advantage of privacy associated with mediation and the old saying “what happens in mediation, stays in mediation.”  This is also true for cases where the parties choose to engage a private Judge.

There are several reasons why you should consider a private judge for your San Diego divorce.  The primary reasons are privacy and the speed with which your divorce can be completed.  Privacy is a substantial concern for most clients in a divorce.  This is especially true when their cases involve substantial assets, high earnings, a business or professional practice or other issues which have lead to contentiousness between the parties.  All meetings with a private judge are outside of the Court and “off the record” when compared with a trial in the Family Court.  Confidential information regarding a business, personal finances and even custody details and information concerning the children will remain confidential.

The time it takes to complete a divorce can be greatly reduced with a private judge.  The process in a private setting is much more efficient than more traditional proceedings.  Scheduling is much easier and faster as our private judges do not carry the type of backlog existing within our Family Courts.  The experienced Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke & Domercq can help you to choose an impartial, highly qualified private judge with deep experience and knowledge in all California family law matters.  Many clients feel the private setting surrounding this process reduces the stress associated with the process as well as the input they retain as they work to resolve issues which arise during or after the divorce.

When you consider a private judge for your San Diego divorce you must balance the additional financial costs of handling the matter in this alternative manner.  Is the selection of a private judge the right decision in your San Diego divorce case?  You can rely on the sound counsel and advice provided by Burke & Domercq based upon decades of experience in San Diego family law cases.

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