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Experienced and Proven Carlsbad Divorce Mediator

On Behalf of | May 18, 2019 | Mediation

Daniel Burke is an experienced and proven Carlsbad divorce mediator who is prepared to help resolve family disputes and legal issues throughout North County San Diego.  Dan has decades of experience in family law cases and divorces in Carlsbad and across Carlsbad.  This experience makes him one of the most sought after mediators for divorcing couples who need help resolving areas of disagreement relating to:

In order to complete a divorce in Carlsbad or anywhere in North County San Diego all issues contained within the separation agreement must be resolved.  The fastest and least expensive strategy to complete a divorce is for the former spouses to work through all aspects of their divorce and come to complete agreement on all issues.   In these cases our office can simply help to make sure your paperwork is in order and all orders are complete and enforceable.

What happens when there is genuine disagreement?

If a divorcing couple cannot resolve their differences before approaching the Court the Judge, a total stranger, will impose a decision upon you. There are very few “wins” and “losses” in these cases.

This takes a lot of time (months or more than a year) and money, and most parties walk away dissatisfied.  What is the alternative?

Mediation.  You need an experienced and proven Carlsbad divorce mediator such as Dan Burke to help you to resolve these issues efficiently and effectively.  Mediation is designed to be an affordable alternative to resolve disagreements in divorce and family law matters.  As an experienced and certified mediator, Daniel Burke creates an atmosphere where the parties can find common ground.  This is a dignified and collaborative effort.  Mr. Burke provides extensive insight into the disagreements at hand and helps the parties to understand how things actually work in Court.

He draws upon his experience in Carlsbad Family Law Courts and cases, his expertise and the successful strategies that have worked well for other couples who have faced similar challenges in the past.  The parties work together to tailor their own solution to all areas of dispute (or as many as possible).  Judges in Carlsbad prefer (and often require) divorcing parties to try mediation before appearing in front of a Judge.

Mediation is not binding.  You can accept Mr. Burke’s insights and recommendations or choose to ask the Judge to resolve the dispute.  Most couples appreciate the wisdom Mr. Burke brings to the table, the affordable and strictly confidential process for resolving their differences and the speed with which their divorce is able to be completed.

If you wish to learn more about mediation in Carlsbad family law cases contact Dan Burke, an experienced and proven Carlsbad divorce mediator, or call to schedule an appointment at 760-389-3927.