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The Economic Emotional and Time Saving Impact of Mediation in a Divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2019 | Mediation

What is the economic emotional and time saving impact of mediation in a divorce?  In order to complete your divorce in North County including Carlsbad, Vista, Encinitas, Oceanside and Escondido every issue contained within the settlement agreement must be completely resolved.

This includes (but is not limited to):

Mediation replaces part or all of the need to resolve differences in your divorce by appearing before a Judge or Magistrate in what can be an expensive and time consuming litigation.

Mediation is designed to create a non-confrontational and constructive working environment where the former spouses can resolve any and all disputes associated with their divorce.  The parties agree upon a mediator, and should look for extensive legal experience with divorce and family law issues.  It is important for your mediator to be able to offer the benefit of what has worked for other parties in similar circumstances across decades of first-hand experience which is seasoned by California law and how those laws are applied in Carlsbad family law courts.

The experienced Certified Family Law Specialists at Burke and Domercq can represent you in a mediation and guide you through the process while helping to provide insight and influence to ensure a positive outcome.

The economic emotional and time saving impact of mediation in a divorce cannot be overstated.  Mediation is usually much less expensive and time consuming than appearing before the court in open litigation.  It is also much more private, keeping your personal information out of the public record.

When you litigate a family law issue, a total stranger (the judge) permanently decides the outcome and issues orders concerning you and your family.  It is important to understand that litigation is not usually a “win” or “lose” proposition.  In the vast majority of cases both sides leave litigation feeling like they’ve lost something important.

Mediation allows you to maintain control over the resolution of differences in your divorce case.  It also removes much of the bitter argument and the emptiness which often follows the result of protracted disputes in a divorce and resulting litigation.

Draw upon the decades of experience which Burke & Domercq bring to their divorce and family law practice in Carlsbad.  We invite you to contact us or call 760-389-3927 to learn more about mediation or schedule an appointment with one of our seasoned family law attorneys.