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How are Child Custody Disputes Resolved in North County San Diego?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | Child Custody and Visitation

How are child custody disputes resolved in North County San Diego? How should you approach this emotional and often contentious issue in your divorce? The attorneys at Burke & Domercq each have decades of experience in child custody and parenting time cases here in Carlsbad and throughout North County.  Child custody is one of the primary reasons to work with our attorneys in your Vista, Encinitas, Oceanside or Carlsbad divorce.

The law in California states when both parents are fit it is important that “children get frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the dissolution of marriage or end of a relationship.” What this means in your unique circumstances is often based upon the natural rhythms of your family and child’s life prior to the divorce.

The fastest and least expensive path to resolving questions of child custody and parenting time is negotiation.  Our lawyers provide insight and guidance to support conversations between the parties and work directly with the other party and their representatives to find common ground and negotiate a resolution which meets our clients goals and objectives.

When negotiations are not producing results, mediation is an effective and timely alternative.  A neutral third party (the mediator) works with the parties and their representatives to build a non-confrontational and productive environment. The parties themselves learn new skills which will serve them well into the future as they work through the issues and challenges associated with co-parenting after their divorce is completed. Everyone has input and may suggest alternative solutions and then the group works together led by the mediator to resolve the custody and parenting time agreement.

If the parties are having difficulty reaching agreement and getting child custody disputes resolved on their own the local courts mandate “Child Custody Recommended Counseling” prior to the court hearing itself.

The Superior Court’s own website says: “If agreement is reached, it is reported to the court (through the attorneys) and thus the court hearing may be cancelled since the family made its own decision.  If no agreement is reached, a recommendation will be made by the Family Court Counselor and the court hearing will proceed.”  In other words, if the parties cannot agree a decision will be handed to them by a total stranger (the judge).

Child custody and parenting agreements are usually much more successful when the parties are able to reach a resolution outside of the courtroom. When necessary, our attorneys represent clients through each step including trial. We understand the importance of your children and aggressively advocate on your behalf to accomplish your goals.

If you are concerned about strategies for how child custody disputes resolved in North County or parenting time issues in a Carlsbad divorce we invite you to contact us or call 760-389-3927 to schedule an appointment.