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Reduce the Emotional Impact of a Divorce in Carlsbad

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Divorce

What steps can you take to reduce the emotional impact of a divorce in Carlsbad or anywhere in North County? The primary take away here is the general rule of thumb in a divorce is emotion equals increased cost. It is not practical to expect a divorce to be free of emotion. The decisions associated with the divorce can be made from a position of informed strength rather than emotion. The key to accomplishing your goals for divorce is to separate the steps in a divorce process from the emotional side of the equation.

It may seem tempting to “get even” for the actions of a soon-to-be former spouse.  Money is always an issue in a divorce, and the orders which accompany a divorce filing instruct the parties regarding the “fiduciary” responsibility each spouse has to the other. You will not be able to hide money or liquidate assets or run up credit cards in the long run. Ultimately the intent to hide money almost always makes the situation worse for the party attempting to do so. If a party runs up credit cards or sells assets or investments it is usually balanced out in the division of community property.  The money is either paid back to the “community” or it is deducted from the property settlement of the party which ran up the expense(s).

The best way to minimize the emotional aspect of a divorce is to set aside regular time for your own health and well being, and focus on finding common ground.

There will be issues where you each have different opinions or positions. Disagreement should be approached from a position of informed strength after reflection and the advice of our experienced Certified Family Law Specialists.  Resolving areas of disagreement in an efficient and productive manner will not only reduce the emotional impact of a divorce in Carlsbad it will substantially reduce the cost.

The classic (now almost mythological) model of divorce has the parties hashing out their disputes before the Court.  The attorneys at Burke & Domercq are proven trial attorneys.  While there are matters of principal which may require litigation to protect your interests, it is usually in your best interest to attempt to resolve areas of genuine disagreement through negotiation and mediation.

Most areas of disagreement can be settled through alternative strategies which help to reduce the time it takes to complete a divorce while helping the parties to complete the process in a cost-effective mannerMediation can be an excellent tool to reduce stress and limit emotional costs.  Mediation works to establish a non-confrontational atmosphere which is especially valuable when your former spouse has severe control issues, a personality disorder or anger management challenges.  The mediator works to help surface core issues and provide perspective to all parties, while working to identify alternatives and ultimately reach a beneficial agreement.

Many studies have shown that agreements reached between the parties (instead of imposed upon them by the court) help with stress and reduce the emotional impact of the divorce in Carlsbad. The parties are much more likely to abide by agreements reached in negotiation or mediation after the divorce is completed which reduces the emotional burden and cost of post-decree litigation.

There are many challenging aspects of a divorce, from child custody and parenting time and spousal support to the division of retirement or a business or professional practice. We invite you to review the recognition our attorneys have received from the legal industry as well as the comments and recommendations of our clients and contact us or call 760-389-3927 to learn more about how to reduce the emotional impact of a divorce in Carlsbad or North County.