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Strategies for Co-Parenting During COVID-19

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Child Custody and Visitation

What are some strategies for co-parenting during COVID-19 until the time when school resumes?  When schools usually let out for summer in California, divorced parents typically adjust their child custody arrangements and parenting time schedules to accommodate new schedules and summer vacations. During this unique challenge of COVID-19, co-parents sometimes run into trouble if their work responsibilities and child care needs overlap.

While many employers are attempting to make accommodations for working at home and parenting schedules, sometimes it simply doesn’t work out.  Many day care providers have reopened under confusing rules, and families may be forced to make challenging decisions about daycare and health risks.  What if there is disagreement between co-parents?  Methods for resolving the dispute legally are based upon what is best for the child as well as any court ordered child custody or parenting time.

Mediation should be a strong consideration for many couples in this challenging position.  Mediation is a private, confidential venue where the parties can discuss their unique situation with their legal counsel and a proven, experienced mediator.  If one of the parents is able to work from home it may be necessary to (at least temporarily) amend your parenting time and child support agreement.  If one of the parents is going to assume more time with the children, it is also likely any existing child support would need to be reviewed as well.

The Courts were closed for quite some time, and there is a tremendous backup from existing cases.  Getting this type of dispute before the court in a timely manner may be extremely challenging.  There are as many strategies for co-parenting during COVID-19 as there are parents, but what will work best for your unique circumstances?

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