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Successful Strategies for Relocation with Kids After a Divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2020 | Child Custody and Visitation

What are some of the ingredients of successful strategies for relocation with kids after a divorce? How will existing child custody and parenting plans affect your decision to relocate or protect your rights as a parent here in North County San Diego?

These cases are often quite legally contentious and complex. One party may feel like there is an economic opportunity or the additional support of local family and friends in a new locale. The other party may be deeply concerned about the loss of frequent and continuing contact with their child(ren). Who will prevail?

The first thing to clearly understand is its almost never appropriate for a co-parent after a divorce to relocate or move away with a child or children without the written permission of the Court to do so. The Court takes a dim view of a parent who relocates or moves away with children without first obtaining orders from the Court. This can often actually lead to the relocating parent’s loss of custody and severe limitations on visitation or parenting time.

There are several successful strategies for relocation with kids after a divorce in California.  The primary argument in favor of a relocation is a situation which is in the best interests of the children. The new location will provide better education, quality of life, health and support from networks of family and friends known to the children. This must be weighed against the loss of existing rhythms in the children’s lives associated with school, friends, extra-curricular activities and religious observances.

California believes it is in the best interest of a child (in most cases) to have frequent and continuing contact with both parents after a North County or Carlsbad divorce. How will the move affect this vital concern? What impact would a potential move have upon child support?

Carlsbad family law courts work to resolve these cases based upon what is in the best interest of the child(ren) associated with the move. If a move is to be granted, the Court must usually be convinced plans are in place (frequent visits, Skype/Facetime, etc) to reduce or mitigate the negative impact and potential damage to the relationship between the child(ren) and the remaining parent.

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If you have learned of imminent plans for relocation by the other parent it is critically important to your case to take immediate action and seek the advice of our attorneys. If you are considering relocation or are concerned about the plans of others it is best to seek the counsel of proven and experienced Carlsbad and North County child custody and parenting time attorneys at Burke & Domercq.