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What Are the Keys to Get What You Need Out of Your Divorce in San Diego?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Divorce

What are keys to get what you need out of your divorce in San Diego?  If you have decided to divorce or are considering the end of a marriage it is important to prepare a strategy for the emotional, legal and financial aspects of a divorce.

It is possible to manage the process of a divorce to reduce the emotional burden you will face.  The Certified Family Law Specialists provide sound advice and counsel regarding strategies to manage your emotions, plan “you time” and carefully structure all communications with your former spouse.  Carefully managing all voicemails, texts, emails and social media are one of the keys to divorce which surprise many of our clients.  It is important to know the Judge in your case will be carefully examining every aspect of how you comport yourself throughout the process of a divorce.  This will have a significant impact on how the Court perceives your character, testimony, fitness as a potential co-parent as well as the requests you make of the Court.

One of the keys to get what you need out of your divorce in San Diego is preparation.  Our attorneys prepare our clients for every legal step in the process and develop strategies to accomplish your primary goals and objectives.  It is important to prioritize the things which are most important to you.  The process of a divorce is very much a matter of “give and take.”  You need to fully consider not only your own positions, you need to anticipate what your former spouse will want and need as well.  This plays a major role in any negotiations, mediation or litigation associated with your case.

Another of the important keys to get what you need out of your divorce in San Diego is organization.  This is especially true when your divorce will address important issues such as the division of community assets and debts, the ownership of a business or professional practice as well as child custody and parenting time issues.  Gather the past 2 to 3 years of tax returns (personal and business), bank account and credit card statements, retirement account data as well as insurance policies.  This information protects your interests throughout the divorce and may become harder to organize or access as the divorce progresses.

It is of utmost importance to understand the financial cost of your divorce is directly associated with the ability to resolve areas of disagreement in every aspect of the divorce case.  Most of the cost of the divorce is associated with resolving disputes in negotiation, mediation or ultimately litigation before the Court.

These are some of the keys to get what you need out of your divorce in San Diego.  Our experienced and proven Certified Family Law Specialists will help to prepare strategies for the emotional, legal and financial aspects of your divorce.

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