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Important Issues to Address in a San Diego Parenting Plan

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Child Custody and Visitation

What are the most important issues to address in a San Diego parenting plan?  What is the best strategy to achieve your own goals and objectives while preserving the “best interests of the child(ren)?”

The parenting plan is a document which details everything about the life of the child during and after a divorce including but not limited to:

  • How much time each child will spend with each parent
  • The schedule for visitation and how physical custody of the child will be exchanged
  • The process for making important decisions regarding healthcare, education, and other aspects of each child’s life
  • How costs such as private school, extra-curricular activities or issues outside of food, clothing and shelter will be divided

Other important issues to address in a San Diego parenting plan include how the co-parents will manage or alternate important events in the child’s life such as birthdays, holidays and vacations.  If there is more than one child the agreement should provide for each parent to have the children together for important events and how that time will be offset with the other co-parent.

One of the most important issues to address in a San Diego parenting plan is to establish limitations on travel with the child(ren).  For example, most parenting plans require the advance written permission of the Court and/or the other co-parent before taking a child out of the area/state/country, even for a scheduled vacation.  This can be especially important to protect against relocation and move away cases or international abductions.

Generally speaking, the more thorough the parenting plan the more likely the parties are to abide by it during and after the divorce.  It is also important to note that agreements which are negotiated between the parties themselves or reached during mediation are much less likely to result in expensive and time-consuming post-decree litigation.  There have been many studies which have concluded a person is much more likely to abide by a parenting plan if they participated in it’s development.

If the co-parents cannot reach agreement on any issue or aspect associated with the parenting plan, the Judge (a total stranger to the parties and their children) will decide the matter and impose a schedule and associated rules upon the co-parents.

There are many important issues to address in a San Diego parenting plan and this is why you need the experience and proven counsel of the divorce and family law attorneys at Burke & Domercq.

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