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You Need A Carlsbad Family Lawyer If Parental Alienation Affects Your Custody Case

Experiencing parental alienation during or after a separation or divorce is heartbreaking — and, unfortunately, it is not rare. Far too many parents feel that their former partner is trying to turn their child against them, is speaking badly about them to their child or is refusing to cooperate during a custody dispute.

You may be approaching a divorce, struggling to navigate a custody order, or simply trying to be the best parent you can be during a turbulent situation. At Burke & Domercq, APC, we understand how important your connection with your child is to you and how distressing it can be when the other parent is inflicting parental alienation on your child. Our certified family law specialist can help you identify and overcome efforts by your ex-spouse or ex-partner to divide you and your child.

Understanding Parental Alienation And Finding A Healthier Way Forward

California family law courts typically take strong positions against actions such as those above that cause parental alienation. In any such situation, your child custody attorney can be a strong ally in your quest for the support you need as a parent when the other parent is causing parental alienation. Regardless of the history you have lived through to date in your child custody and visitation journey, legal action may help you redirect a troublesome situation for the better.

Why You Need A Carlsbad Divorce Attorney To Stand Up For What Is Right

We can help you understand and document contributing factors leading to parental alienation in your child. After we investigate your case, we can use the information to:

  • Petition a family court judge to order a custody evaluation
  • Pursue a custody and visitation order modification
  • Request mandatory supervised parenting time for the offending parent

During your divorce proceedings or afterward, we can bring in professionals such as a child psychologist who can contribute valuable insights when parental alienation is complicating your family dynamics.

Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship With The Help Of A Divorce Lawyer In Carlsbad

We look forward to meeting with you to learn about your challenges and goals when the other parent is causing parental alienation.

Reach out to us at 760-389-3927 or email us here. Your child will only grow up once. Time is of the essence. We are confident in our ability to help you assert your parental rights and put a stop to parental alienation.