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Help From A Carlsbad Family Lawyer When Your Opponent Has A Personality Disorder

Divorce and child custody disputes are almost never easy for anyone to go through. After all, couples often separate because they cannot get along. It is not surprising that it is difficult for spouses and soon-to-be ex-spouses and partners to avoid clashing during the legal process of uncoupling. Personality differences commonly become more acute during this stressful time. For example, one may want to hash things out in a confrontational way while the other may prefer to retreat into silence and use legal motions and hearings to resolve differences. An experienced divorce attorney can help immensely when communication with your spouse or partner becomes increasingly problematic.

Some cases, however, prove to be way more difficult than they should be. Personality differences are one thing but personality disorders are another. When one or both partners have mental illnesses or personality disorders, a highly experienced divorce and custody attorney can be a critical ally. At Burke & Domercq, APC, we have helped many clients keep their family law cases on track by focusing on their future stability even when obstacles such as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) stand in the way of a reasonable conclusion to a case.

How Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) Affecting Your Divorce Or Custody Case?

NPD is not a joke or a topic for Saturday Night Live when it has an impact on your personal life. Our attorneys are not psychologists or therapists, but we have been able to guide numerous clients through the challenges of getting divorced or putting parenting plans in place despite their partners’ documentable narcissism.

Has your spouse been diagnosed with a personality disorder? Or have you come to the conclusion that they have NPD through ongoing problematic interactions in family life? Through family therapy or education, you may have become convinced that NPD is a factor you must overcome to move forward. According to Mayo Clinic, a person with this type of disorder tends to:

  • Have an unreasonably high sense of self-importance as well as a need for continual attention.
  • Not understand others’ feelings or demonstrate care for others’ feelings.
  • Be easily upset by criticism and disappointed by a lack of others’ admiration.
  • Make it unpleasant for other people to be around them.

The divorce or custody decision-making process may be extra challenging when it involves such a person, since they may:

  • Refuse to compromise
  • Take every opportunity to prolong legal processes
  • Demonstrate a need to stay connected through legal battles rather than exercise good faith in settlement negotiations or mediation
  • Insist on the need for a trial
  • Lie in sworn documents or testimonies
  • Accuse their spouse or partner of being a bad parent
  • Alienate their children’s affections against the other parent

Our message to you if you are on the other side of these behaviors is to work with an experienced Carlsbad divorce lawyer who understands what you are going through and keeps your best interests front and center.

Let A Carlsbad Divorce Attorney Guide You Forward

We hope to hear from you if you anticipate difficulties during your divorce or while child custody is under consideration. Your peace of mind matters now and your future stability may depend on the quality of legal counsel that you have.

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