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Enforcing A Custody And Visitation Order In California

If you get divorced as a parent, the court is going to issue a custody order. This will assign parenting time and visitation rights. The court’s goal is to set up a plan that puts the child’s best interests first. Much of the time, custody is split between both parents.

Here at Burke & Domercq, APC, our experienced Carlsbad divorce attorneys know well that this can lead to disputes. If your co-parent does not follow the court order, then you need to understand all the legal options at your disposal. You need to protect your rights as a parent and your relationship with your child. We are a skilled and experienced legal team that can help parents in Carlsbad and throughout the surrounding area assert their rights.

Steps You Can Take To Enforce The Order

If the order has been violated, especially if your ex violates that order repeatedly, you may have to contact the authorities. The police department should be able to enforce the order, although this doesn’t always happen quickly. If the police do not help fast enough, then you may need to work with a child custody enforcement attorney to consider your next legal steps. In some cases, for example, a parent who repeatedly violates a custody order will lose their custody rights.

What If One Parent Doesn’t Pay Child Support?

In some situations, parents will claim that they are withholding visitation or custody because they haven’t been paid the child support that they are due. While it is mandatory to file a court order and pay child support when necessary, it is illegal to withhold custody rights on these grounds. If your co-parent will not pay support, do not violate their custody rights or the court order. Instead, look for legal tactics you can use to enforce that order.

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