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We are planning a June wedding on the beach in Carlsbad. How do we increase the chances of surviving the high divorce rate in California?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2013 | Divorce

The best divorce attorney knows that divorce continues to be prevalent and that conflict over money frequently contributes to ‘irreconcilable differences’. Couples should openly communicate all things related to money. Honestly disclosing all income, all expenses, all assets and all debts is a good start. Talk about taxes, health, insurance, anticipated repairs and maintenance so you can create a joint budget. Discuss how much you plan to spend and how much you plan to save. Agree on your financial objectives and work together to achieve them by sticking to the budget. Sharing information avoids surprises and eliminates failed expectations resulting in a long, open and honest relationship. You might want to consider having a prenuptial agreement or a post-nuptial agreement drafted to memorialize your arrangement.