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How holidays and other special events may affect divorce filings

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Divorce

People may choose to divorce at any point in their lives. Some people discover a few months into a new marriage that their spouse lied about something important. Others may remain married for decades only to grow apart. The family courts hear divorce cases throughout the year and can grant a divorce decree at any time if someone complies with state law. However, there are certain trends in divorce filings that are hard to ignore.

For example, many people initiate divorce after holidays or other special events. Nationwide, divorce lawyers report a measurable increase in divorce inquiries from potential new clients in January. Why do holidays and special events impact when people file for divorce?

People make the conscious decision to wait

Quite a few people know well before they sit down with a lawyer that they want to divorce. They will try to time the process carefully to minimize the stress it causes for them and members of their immediate family. Particularly when people have children or travel during the holidays, filing for divorce any time after October may not be a very reasonable choice. Doing so might cause emotional distress for the children or major complications for the entire family.

The holidays aren’t the only special event that may influence when people decide to file for divorce. Wedding anniversaries, family birthdays and even weddings for loved ones can inspire people to hold off on filing for divorce until after those major events transpire.

People succumb to disappointment

Every holiday, anniversary or family vacation is an opportunity for a spouse to show how much they care. All too often, people who take their relationships for granted fail to understand how they have disappointed their spouses.

For some people, it will be the constant pressure to manage details like travel plans or family get-togethers without support that makes them decide to file for divorce. For others, it may simply be a lack of consideration, such as a spouse consistently buying them last-minute, thoughtless presents for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. Those little grievances can add up over time to make someone feel unloved and unappreciated. Holidays and other special events can serve as a very painful reminder to someone that they contribute much more to the relationship than their spouse does.

Those contemplating divorce may sometimes choose to wait until after the holidays to file or may find that the holidays inspire them to make a drastic change for their family. Recognizing how special events might impact divorce filings could help people manage their thoughts about divorce in more informed ways.