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Looking at divorce frankly: positives and negatives

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2023 | Divorce

The decision to end a California marriage is not easy, even when both parties agree it is necessary. If the couple has children affected by the break-up, the situation might be even more difficult. However, if you find yourself seeking a divorce , you should know that with the negative effects, there are also positive ones for all involved.

The negative impact of divorce

The dissolution of the marriage will inevitably lead you to experience a range of emotions. You might find yourself overwhelmed by the process, anxious about all the unknowns, angry at your spouse, bitter about the end of the marriage, fearful for a post-divorce future and worried about how your children will handle all the changes. You might also feel alone and abandoned, particularly as in some cases, some friends and other loved ones might take sides and not support you. Additionally, divorce can also negatively impact your financial situation, creating another challenge.

The positive impact of divorce

However, for most negative outcomes, you might find a positive counterpart. These positive outcomes include:

  • Providing a stable, calmer environment for raising your children
  • Walking away from a high-conflict and perhaps abusive relationship
  • Gaining control over your life
  • Developing abilities, interests and hobbies
  • Meeting new people and extending your social circle
  • Improving your financial situation, if your spouse’s financial habits were an issue during the marriage

Divorce does not have to be war. You can have an amicable one while still receiving a fair settlement. While the division of property might be complex due to the assets you and your spouse have accumulated over time, negotiations do not have to be hostile, particularly if you will be co-parenting your children and want to have a cordial relationship with your co-parent after it is over. Understanding that a divorce has both negative and positive outcomes will help you face and even embrace the changes that it will bring. Even more importantly, remember that many of the negative outcomes of divorce are temporary and you might find yourself overcoming them sooner rather than later.