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When is it worth getting a divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Divorce

For high-net-worth couples, it can be a complicated question on whether or not to divorce. However, just like any other couple, you too must do what is right for you. And, just like any other couple, there are signs that you should be looking for an exit.

Bright red sign: abuse

The most important sign is abuse. If you are dealing with physical, emotional or psychological abuse, it is time to leave. You deserve a happy and healthy life, and you do not have to stay. If you are worried about your financial well-being, post-divorce, speak with your divorce attorney because the law is seldom in the abuser’s favor.

You want different lives

Perhaps, when you were younger, you both were on the same page. You wanted the same things. However, now you realize that you are on different paths, wanting different things. You may be able to work it out to find a happy middle path.

However, if you truly want two entirely different lives, it may be time to divorce. For example, if you want kids, and your spouse does not want kids, this is not something that gets better.

A distressing marriage

If the marriage is causing you distress, that can be a reason to divorce as well. If you are not happy, that can be enough. You do not have to live an unhappy life. Indeed, an unhappy life can slowly kill you.

Your best efforts have not borne fruits

Have you gone to counseling? Have you tried to work on the Carlsbad, California, marriage? Has nothing worked? If so, it may be time to part ways. If your best efforts have not borne fruits, divorce may be the next logical move. There is no reason to keep letting your marriage drain your life.

Bottom line

No one is saying that a Carlsbad, California, divorce is easy, but if your marriage is going terribly, it is worth the effort, in the long run. You deserve a second chance at a happy life. Follow your gut and find your bliss.